Our formulation has been perfected over the years of extensive research into nutritional needs of the dachshund breed.

Here is everything that goes into Dachshund Advanced Care by Breedology

  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Advanced Joint Health Complex
  • Plant Extracts
  • Antioxidants
  • Adaptogens
  • Probiotic Blend

Manufacturing Process

We proudly manufacture our supplements in FDA registered, ICO complaint & NSF certified facility in Florida, USA. At Breedology, we use only evidence-based ingredients to help assure product efficacy. Our team is always looking for new sources to ensure we always obtain the best available ingredients on the basis of quality, potency and bio-availability.

Sustainable Sourcing

We guarantee that all the ingredients in our products are sustainably farmed. We always prioritize natural origins and source organic where possible – making all products with love and not with artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. True traceability is essential - nothing goes into our products that we haven’t endlessly researched.


Our formulation has been perfected over the years of dedicated research into nutritional needs of the dachshund breed.


A unique blend of 11 active premium-grade ingredients & probiotics.
No refrigeration required.

Pumpkin Seed Extract 300mg
  • Joints & Cartillage Support
  • Skin & Coat Health
  • Vision Support
  • Digestion Support
  • Natural Dewormer

The pumpkin seed extract is a fantastic source of natural fiber. Fiber is essential for digestion; it resolves constipation and helps with mild diarrhea.

Pumpkin seeds contain Vitamin A to support your pet's eye health, Vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system and maintain joint health, and Zinc to help improve skin and hair coat for your dachshund.

As well as that, it contains omega fatty acids that are essential for healthy skin & joint function.

We added pumpkin seed extract as a natural dewormer. It contains an amino acid called Cucurbitin, which can act as a natural deworming agent. The pumpkin seed extract is a great natural alternative to regular deworming medications prescribed by your veterinarian and will help keep your dachshund parasite-free!

Wheatgrass Powder 300mg
  • Anti-Oxidant Properties
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Digestion Support
  • Reduces Bad Breath
  • Boosts Energy Levels

Wheatgrass is perfectly safe for pet consumption nutrient-dense superfood that is known to have many health benefits. It contains an extensive range of vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll, fiber, and enzymes.

As well as that, wheatgrass is an effective digestive aid - it has a high amount of healthy fibers, which helps relieve constipation and promotes the growth of good microbes in the intestine. It is also organ and blood cleansing and a fantastic energy booster.

Through its high chlorophyll content, wheatgrass prevents gum diseases and eliminates bad breath in dogs.

Barley Grass Powder 300mg
  • Anti-Oxidant Properties
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Digestion Support
  • Reduces Bad Breath
  • Boosts Energy Levels

Barley grass is produced from the leaves of the barley plant (Hordeum vulgare). It has natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is packed with active enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, essential trace minerals, chlorophyll, and bioflavonoids.

Like wheatgrass, barley grass does not contain some problematic proteins found in barley grains, and it can be given to dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Chondroitin, Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid 300mg, 300mg, 5mg
  • Joints & Cartillage Support

This powerful trio was added to the formula to provide advanced joint & cartilage support for your dachshund. Chondroitin sulfate combined with glucosamine helps to give extra joint protection and is also an essential building block for cartilage.

Glucosamine supports the repair of damaged cartilage by increasing collagen deposition. It also increases the concentration of protein molecules in cartilage, producing fluid lubricating the joints.

Chondroitin sulfate has a similar function -it promotes elasticity in the cartilage, nourishes the connective tissues, and helps to provide adequate shock absorption.

Hyaluronic acid is the main component of the synovial fluid that cushions the joints. It promotes lubrication and strengthens connective tissue while also decreasing joint inflammation.

A synergistic combination of these three ingredients results in a powerful formula that will help to support your dachshund's connective tissues and joints.

Astragalus Powder (Organic) 100mg
  • Anti-Oxidant Properties
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Digestion Support
  • Helps With Thyroid Problems*

One of the most potent plants in Chinese medicine, Astragalus, is safe and effective for use in both canines and humans with a wide range of conditions, both preventively and as a treatment.

It stimulates immune function, strengthens digestion, normalizes heart function, improves kidney circulation, and improves metabolic activity. Astragalus root is also used in the prevention & treatment of hyperthyroidism in dogs. *

The anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties of Astragalus make it very effective for treating and preventing many infections in dogs.

Turmeric Powder (Organic) 300mg
  • Joints Support
  • Digestion Support
  • Anti-Oxidant Properties

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can help your pet to break down food by stimulating the production of more digestive fluid in the liver.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, curcumin can provide a potential complement to conventional anti-inflammatory arthritis treatments.

It is a well-known fact that curcumin is challenging to absorb by the body. However, our formula includes other ingredients containing healthy fats, thus making curcumin more bioavailable.

Broccoli Sprout Extract 50mg
  • Anti-Oxidant Properties
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Liver Detox
  • Digestion Support

Broccoli sprout contains a unique compound called sulforaphane (or SFN). Sulforaphane has recently drawn a lot of attention because of its powerful ability to decrease chronic inflammation and fight cancer.

In animal studies, sulforaphane has been found to help protect cells from damage, inhibit tumor blood vessel formation and inactivate carcinogens.

Sulforaphane activates enzymes that protect your dog's cells from DNA damage from carcinogens and inflammatory toxins.

As well as that, sulforaphane is a potent defense against some harmful bacteria found in the gut.

Nutritional Yeast 300mg
  • Source of All Essential Amino Acids
  • Maintains Healthy Metabolism
  • Supports Immunity

Nutritional yeast is an inactive yeast that is mainly used as a health supplement. It has high protein content and is loaded with B vitamins.

Nutritional yeast contains all ten essential amino acids. The dog's body cannot create these amino acids, so they should be present in the diet. Dogs also can't store vitamin B, so it has to be added to their daily food.

Vitamin B1 enhances your dog's metabolism, vitamin B2 supports its immune system, and vitamin B9 helps brain function and development.

Probiotic Blend 500mg

10 billion CFU/g, 5 strains of probiotic bacteria
L-acidophilus, L-rhamnosus, L-plantarum, L-salivarius, L- bulgaricus