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Commited to the Highest Manufacturing Standards

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We take into account what mainstream brands overlook. Your dog's individual health needs.

While it may be simpler to opt for mass-produced all-purpose supplements and generic formulas for every dog, we find it rather irksome. We're the opposite. We're for people, who value their dog's unique breed attributes. Our commitment lies in crafting bespoke formulas tailored to address your dog's specific health needs.

Proudly Plastic Free

We are perfectionists in every stage of supplement creation, - from formulation to packaging. Not only do our jars look fantastic - they are totally eco-friendly,- lightweight, recyclable and fully biodegradable.

Breedology tins are crafted from recyclable cardboard. You can re-use our jars for storage or recycle them - simply place our tin in the paper recycling.

Made in America!

Made in America!

We proudly make all our supplements right here in America! With ethically sourced ingredients and manufacturing that complies with FDA product standards.

Effective Amounts

Effective Amounts

We use ingredients in a concentration that is actually effective. Just compare us to anyone else in the market! Our formulas boast higher ingredient concentrations than mainstream commercial brands.

Quality First

Quality First

Since our friends and family use Breedology supplements for our own dogs, we don't cut back on the ingredients. We only use natural, ethically sourced & organic ingredients.

Amazing Pricing

Complete Transparency

Our full-disclosure product labels guarantee that you're fully informed about what goes into your pet's bowl, down to the inactive ingredients. We steer clear of proprietary blends, artificial sweeteners, colors, fillers, and preservatives in all our products.

What make us different

  • Deep research and development on dogs' breed-specific health needs
  • Transparent manufacturing process
  • High potency formula & human-grade ingredients

About Breedology

Our journey began with a deep love for dogs.

Here at Breedology, all of us are pet parents (our founder owns two sausage dogs), and we know how much the right supplements can make a difference in a dog's life.

That's why we're so passionate about making a tailor-made supplement for different breeds, targeting breed-specific problem health areas and giving dogs the vital boost that they need!

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Vet formulated. Just clean, effective, scientifically-supported formula for your dachshund's optimum health.


Five Star

Marianna | Lilly's owner

"I am really pleased that I can give my doxie all the vital nutrients she needs just in one scoop daily! It is so easy to sprinkle it over food, and she loves the flavor!"

Five Star

Thomas | Pickle's owner

My boy Pickle loves these! Breedology supplements give my dog the health boost he needs and keep my mind at ease. So pleased I found this brand!

Five Star

Cheryl | Juno's onwer

I've tried a few vitamins and supplements for my dachshund, and Breedology supplements are the best so far. They work great for Juno's skin & coat and help digestion.

Five Star

Emma | Finn's owner

This supplement is fantastic! It helped a lot with Finn's joint stiffness. I love that it contains some superb anti-inflammatory ingredients; it helped reduce his joint pain.

Made in the USA

Made In The USA

We make all of our products in the FDA-approved facility.

High Potency Formula

High Potency Formula

We only use the amounts of ingredients that are actually effective.

Zero Nasties

Zero Nasties

Our products contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

100% Natural Ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients

We always prioritise ingredients of natural origins and source organic where possible.

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