Get to know about Breedology

We are Breedology Nutrition, and we’re dedicated to developing supplements specifically for the dachshund breed. Breedology Dachshund Advanced Care targets five key areas of dachshund's health: digestion, skin & coat, joints & cartilage, immunity, and heart & kidney function.

Our tailor-made products are created using the best quality natural ingredients – sourced from all around the world. Our goal is simple – to help support your dachshund’s wellbeing in the best possible way!

Dachshund Advanced Care

Why Breedology ?

Our nutritional supplement blend consists of powerful natural ingredients and herbs that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties – with the botanicals we select directly targeting breed-related health problems.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create tailor-made nutrition for dachshunds – supporting your weiner dog’s unique health and wellness needs with a much more personalised approach.

  • Quality First

    Quality First

    Since we know that high grade components are more effective, we don’t cut back on ingredients

  • Natural Over Synthetic

    Natural Over Synthetic

    We always use natural ingredients when possible, even if costs us a bit more

  • High Absorption And Efficacy

    High Absorption And Efficacy

    We only use the amounts of ingredients that are actually effective

  • Made In The USA

    Made In The USA

    We make all of our products in the FDA registered facility