Get to Know About Breedology

Welcome to Breedology Nutrition, where we focus on crafting specialized supplements designed for the distinct health requirements of various dog breeds. Recognizing the individual needs of each breed, we've developed bespoke formulas, each featuring a unique blend of ingredients.

Formulated by breed experts and nutritionists, our supplements are tailored to address specific health concerns associated with each breed more effectively than generic alternatives.

Our tailor-made products are created using the best quality natural ingredients – sourced from all around the world. Our goal is simple – to help support your dog’s wellbeing in the best possible way!

About Breedology

From Concept to Creation

The concept of improving a dog's well-being through breed-specific supplements originated when our founder's dachshund was diagnosed with stage 1 IVDD.

Fueled by the determination to find a natural, holistic solution, she extensively researched with pet nutritionists, discovering powerful herbs and adaptogens.Coupled with specific cartilage-building components, these natural ingredients facilitated her dog's remarkable recovery.

This experience led to the realization that different breeds have unique health concerns, inspiring the creation of Breedology. We formulate our products with your dog's specific health needs in mind, selecting ingredients to effectively address and prevent breed-specific health conditions.

Our Ingredients Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: to make natural nutritional supplements for specific breeds, using high-grade and healthy ingredients that are safe and effective to use. Our products are manufactured in the USA, in an FDA registered facility, using high-quality ingredients.

We always prioritise natural origins and source organic where possible – making all products with love and not with artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Each component must have a specific purpose in the product, so when developing a new supplement, we research which ingredients would help best with which problems. Testing only begins once the perfect formula has been settled on..

Zero Nasties

Quality First

Since we know that high grade components are more effective, we don’t cut back on ingredients.

100% Natural Ingredients

Natural Over Synthetic

We always use natural ingredients when possible, even if costs us a bit more.

High Potency Formula

High Absorption And Efficacy

We only use the amounts of ingredients that are actually effective.

Made in the USA

Made In The USA

We make all of our products in the FDA registered facility.